DOT says WIS 164 to reopen next week, November 6 in Richfield | By Jim Healy


Richfield, WI –  Well, the weather was not kind to WisDOT and its contractor this week. Unfortunately, the need for site restoration and erosion control restoration has pushed back the opening of STH 164 to Wednesday, Nov. 6. While unfortunate, there is still sod that needs to be laid and erosion issues from heavy rains in September and October have delayed the project once more.

From speaking with Kurt at WisDOT, Wednesday is the last day for project acceptance with their contractor and while technically the project was delivered “on time,” they recognize the inconvenience and are grateful to our residents for their understanding- as is the Village.

Personally, I want to thank our residents and small business owners as well for their patience this construction season. There certainly were bumps along the way, but the road is nearly finished and is much safer for the traveling public. Please feel free to contact the Project Manager or Village Hall with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy rest of their week.

Be well,
Jim H.
Village Administrator

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