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VIDEO | Which fast food outlet will win in the ‘Battle of the driveway’

February 28, 2021 – West Bend, WI – The conundrum of two fast food franchises and one driveway.

Neighbors in West Bend are familiar with the long line that forms in the evening (especially Friday) as folks wait in the drive thru at the popular Culver’s on W. Washington Street.

There is one entrance with traffic that often spills onto Highway 33 and eventually wraps around the building for the drive thru.

Taco Bell

With the new Taco Bell opening at 2356 W. Washington Street, the businesses will share one driveway entrance.

The one-lane traffic pattern normally flows one direction (east) to the back of the Culver’s drive through.

The Taco Bell traffic will enter and exit the same way.

Taco Bell plans, driveway

If the volume of traffic is similar to what has spilled out onto Highway 33, how will Taco Bell lovers get in or out of the restaurant.

The location used to be home to Matrix Title Co. That business operated on a standard 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.  A call is being placed to the owner of Matrix Title to see if he has any recommendations.

What say you?

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  1. I think it has the potential for being a mess. The Taco Bell on Main Street appears to backed up with traffic sitting on Main Street waiting to pull in in. Taco’s are not a food you want made too far in advance but they need to pick up speed. Culver’s makes food to order thus the waiting. I appreciate the increase in places to eat in West Bend but hope traffic doesn’t make either restaurant suffer due to congestion in traffic flow. If they can’t work it out this is one customer not waiting and will go elsewhere. What is it called when someone is hungry and grumpy? I don’t want to find out. Good luck with Taco Bell’s second store and looking forward to the other food outlets opening this year!!

  2. I foresee a huge problem, I go to Culvers often, and many times I give up if the line is too long and just go back to McDonalds. I’ll go to the southside Taco bell if there’s a problem with the line. and I live on Park, right up from there.

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