Ed Saxe sings memorable radio jingles

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It’s a dying art – radio jingles. Today during a lunch meeting I unknowingly sat across from Ed Saxe. He took us all down memory lane – starting with a jingle for Carl’s Choice.

Saxe, 69, talked about Ernie von Schledorn and the “car dealer on S. Main Street before Bob Fish.” None of us could remember who he was referring to.

He knew radio ….and the players. Larry Tainter from WBKV in West Bend, Scott Lopas from WTKM in Hartford. Bruce Grassman from WTCH/WJMQ/WOWN in Shawano.

“The industry has sure changed,” Saxe said. “It used to be you would come into town and the radio stations were owned by families. Not any more.”



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