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Future location of West Bend Farmers’ Market being discussed

October 25, 2023 – West Bend, Wi – The 2023 West Bend Farmers’ Market just wrapped up its season and during the long winter break discussions will be had regarding its future location. What do you think? Should the market return to the downtown or stay around the old county courthouse on Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

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Noelle Braun is executive director of the Downtown West Bend Association. “I’m doing my due diligence to get as much feedback as possible from as many downtown businesses as possible, as well as farmers market vendors,” she said.

“So, the big question is, is the Farmers’ Market staying where it is or is it coming back downtown? That’s the big question right now.”

Braun said she is getting feedback and will eventually make a decision after she gets some holiday events off her plate.



  1. Put the Farmer’s Market back Downtown. It is not good for the vendors or the shoppers around the court house. The vendors have a difficult time getting in and out of the location and the streets are too narrow for shoppers. It is not the fun experience is was downtown. Please bring it back to Downtown West Bend!

  2. I vote for keeping it around the old courthouse. So much more atmosphere & charm. Reminds me of the farmers market in Madison.

  3. I prefer it by the library where it is currently. I find it easier to navigate and more handicapped friendly. I have a difficult time at the downtown location.

  4. Please for the love of God…put it back downtown. Don’t change anything that isn’t broken. It was truly amazing downtown. Thanks

  5. Although I enjoyed it around the courthouse, I vote for downtown. The businesses (who have definitely taken a hit through construction) benefits from people stopping in while enjoying the Farmer’s Market. And the streets around the courthouse were VERY tight for pedestrians, making it less than a relaxing experience sometimes.

  6. If it returns to downtown, then having shops open during majority of time concurrently with market makes location sense for return there. If majority of the shops aren’t open earlier Saturday mornings for market, then it shouldn’t matter as much. Business exposure and accessibility is key.

  7. What’s the opinion of the vendors, which location has more space, downtown businesses like or dislike it being downtown? I personally like that you can visit the market by going around the block back to where you started.

  8. Around the courthouse is best. Much better parking. Downtown parking impossible — many people I know won’t go to WB farm mkt because too hard to park in old location.

  9. Downtown please! It’s charming and wonderful. It’s good for the small businesses and the whole vibe is a sense of community 🥰

  10. The Courthouse location worked temporarily for the Farmer’s Market, but not as a permanent one. It should be back downtown which is easier to navigate and find parking. It helps our local businesses, too.

  11. The new downtown is a show piece, the shop owners endured and persevered during construction and deserve the opportunity for business. The charm is back downtown!

  12. If it will not be downtown move to Regner. Better parking and more room. Too hard for handicap folks due to poor parking availability.

  13. Leave it at the courthouse. Parking was easier and for the first time i saw all the vendors. I never went down the wings downtown. Few store were open at 7:30 am
    Courthouse had much more charm, and nice shade from mature trees.

  14. Absolutely downtown! I have been looking forward to it going back to its original location. Now that the downtown area is remodeled it will be even better!

  15. Downtown, please. Parking is better there and people need to see how nice downtown WB looks now. I used to go to the market about 80% of the summer when it was downtown. This year, only 5 times.

  16. Around the courthouse – enjoyed being able to sit on grass, enjoy shade w the kids and eat some of our treats. Plus better parking

  17. It should return back to downtown. It gives the farmers market a special touch with the historic downtown atmosphere. It’s also great getting to shop at the local downtown businesses that survived the construction. Let’s cut the business owners a break…

  18. No question about it. Keep it downtown.
    Local businesses already suffered enough revenue losses.
    It shouldn’t
    No other location should be considered

  19. Around the court house is best. Easier access, shaded, grassy areas, etc. They made downtown a slab of blacktop and concrete with no shade and no design. It looks so generic now and it will be an oven in the summer.

  20. Wondering why this is even a discussion. Downtown was where it has been held . Now, with the newly completed improvements, why wouldn’t this be the location?

  21. Why mess with something that works. The only reason it was moved to the old courthouse was for the construction of downtown. It was cramped at the courthouse. Put it back downtown please!

  22. Please go back to downtown. Did not like the location used this year. It was too crowded, streets were too narrow. Went less this year than usual because it was just not as well setup. And parking was kind of a pain too.

  23. This should not even be a question! It was only moved because of the construction. Don’t mess with something that worked amazingly. You just made downtown all beautiful, show the businesses a reason to stay in it!

  24. How much data was recorded to validate the decision? I went many times when it was downtown, only once this past year. What was the attendance weekly over the past years. Perhaps less people went at the last years location and that’s why parking was better? Perhaps the new construction will allow for more parking downtown? The downtown location benefits the local businesses but any good decision is run by data collection. The new downtown location is already much better after the construction so I would vote another year downtown and compare data… assuming data (not opinions) is used to base the decision.

  25. Not sure why this is even a discussion. With downtown just finished, the businesses, the river walk, better parking, music on the stage etc. Downtown is where it belongs.

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