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Firsthand account of ordination of Bishops Jeffrey Haines and James Schuerman. By Jill Maria Murdy

March 18, 2017 – West Bend, WI – Hundreds turned out Friday for the ordination of Bishops Jeffrey Haines and James Schuerman at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukee. Jill Maria Murdy, Director of Liturgy and Music at Saint Frances Cabrini Parish was selected to attend as a representative from the Cabrini and she filed this update for

It was a beautiful liturgy, bursting with the rich sounds of organ, choir and brass, a train of priests and 20 bishops, and the church overflowing with God’s people.


There were so many symbols: the incense, being anointed with holy oil,  the Eucharist, placing the Gospel Book over the Bishop’s heads. 

Scriptures about God’s calling were prevalent (Jeremiah 1: 4-9, Psalm 139,  1 Peter 4: 7b-11, and Luke 5: 1-11.)  

In his homily, Archbishop Listecki reminded the Bishops that it was not an honorary area title.  Bishops were to be the servants of their people. Their shepherds and servants.


Taking all these wonderful elements of the prayer and then remembering Bishop Haines was the one who hired me and brought me to Wisconsin, and it made for one powerful day, filled with tears of joy.

I felt very blessed to be able to represent Saint Frances Cabrini Parish.

On a side note: Jill Maria Murdy was asked to read the scriptures at vespers during Thursday’s ceremony for the Bishops at St. Monica Parish in Whitefish Bay.

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