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Hartford Union High School District says goodbye to two long-time coaches | By Teri Kermendy

January 24, 2020 – Hartford, WI – Hartford Union High School (HUHS) will be saying goodbye to two long-time coaches, Pete Meinberg, Girls Varsity Swimming Coach, and Jack DeSelm, Boys Varsity Soccer Coach.

Coach P. Meinberg

Pete Meinberg has been coaching the girls swim team since 1996. With his 23 years of coaching HUHS girls swimming team they have won:

1996-1997 Conference Champions

2006-2007 Tournament Conference Champions

2006-2007 Dual Meet Conference Champions

2007-2008 Tournament Conference Champions

2008-2009 Tournament Conference Champions

2008-2009 Dual Meet Conference Champions

2009-2010 Tournament Conference Champions

2010-2011 Tournament Conference Champions

2010-2011 Dual Meet Conference Champions

2011-2012 Tournament Conference Champions

2011-2012 Dual Meet Conference Champions

2012-2013 Tournament Conference Champions

2012-2013 Dual Meet Conference Champions

2013-2014 Tournament Conference Champions

Two All-state swimmers

“I’ve always told my athletes that getting from one end of a swimming pool to the other…fast…is the least important thing you do.   It’s the WAY you get there.  You push yourself harder than you ever thought possible, you discover levels of dedication and perseverance that you never thought possible.

Most importantly, you cheerfully apply those attributes to your studies, your career, and your relationships for the rest of your life.

It is always so gratifying to be acknowledged for that by alumni and parents and coaches, but I’ve learned a lot more from them over all these years than they ever learned from me.  Hopefully, I’ll never want to stop learning.” Coach Pete Meinberg


Jack DeSelm

Jack DeSelm has been coaching the boys soccer team since 1993.  With his 26 years of coaching HUHS boys soccer team they have won:

1994-1995 Conference Champions

1995 Boys Sectional Runner up

1996-1997 Conference Champions

1997-1998 Conference Champions

2002-2003 Conference Champions

2003 Regional Champions

2007-2008 Conference Champions

2008-2009 Conference Champions

2008 Regional Champions

2009-2010 Conference Champions

2009 Sectional Championship

2009 Regional Champions

2010-2011 Conference Champions

2010 Regional Champions

2011-2012 Conference Champions

2012 Regional Champions

2014-2015 Conference Champions

2015 Regional Champions

10 All-state soccer players







“The opportunity to represent HUHS and the Hartford community all these years exceeded my expectations. That would not have happened without the backing of the HUHS administration, which is something you absolutely need in any coaching position, because without it, this just does not happen. Going forward, I will either be at Independence Park with a youth team, or I will be in the stands as a fan, enjoying the beautiful game, relaxing and watching the players as they develop. As I have mentioned so many times in the past, this was never just about the sport of soccer. Thanks for the memories.”  Coach Jack DeSelm

“Coach Jack DeSelm has been a staple for our soccer program since the 1993 season and Pete Meinberg with our swim program since 1996. We appreciate their dedication and passion for their sport and the time they have spent developing our student-athletes at HUHS. Together, their programs have won over 20 Conference Championships and have made multiple state appearances. The Athletic Department looks forward to the challenge of finding someone to build on the success that both Jack and Pete have built.” Athletic and Activities Director, Scott Helms

These two dedicated coaches will be hard to replace.  To apply, please fill out an application online at https://wecan.education.wisc.edu/#/Employer/3422/Vacancies/2


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