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REAL ESTATE | Sign arrives for new bar/restaurant (formerly Heidel’s) in Jackson, WI

Jackson, WI – The transformation of the much-loved Heidel’s Tavern & Restaurant is taking shape as the new owners work their way towards an opening day. The latest addition is a new sign that has arrived. The sign has neon white letters on a black background that light up.


Co-owner Dane Hufnagel models the new sign he built. He and business partner Chris Loudermilk are eyeing a March opening. Stay tuned for more details.

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Without giving too much away about the remodel, other than the sign… you’ll be happy to know some things have stayed the same, including the stonework around the fireplace and the door at the entrance with the awesome window.

Jackson, WI – My name is Chrissy Wild (Semmann). I am Jennifer Semmann’s (Heidel) daughter.

I saw the article posted about the restaurant and the treasures that were found in the remodel.

I wanted to say thank you. Thank you to the new owners for finding them and for publishing the photos of those treasures.

We miss mom every day and this was just a beautiful thing.

We viewed/celebrated mom’s death anniversary and birthday in January and this just really warmed my heart this morning.

Thank you again,

Chrissy Wild

Below is the story referenced in the note by Chrissy Wild.

Jackson, Wi – The old Heidel’s Tavern & Restaurant on CTH P in Jackson, WI is going through a major renovation and some treasures from the past are literally coming out of the woodwork.


The property, most recently Doman’s Bar & Grill, was purchased by Chris Loudermilk and his business partner, Dane Hufnagel. Loudermilk has Cedarburg ties, although both have relocated from Pennsylvania and eyeing a March opening under the new name Cedar Jack’s.

Wendy Wendorf

The journey to acquiring the restaurant began unexpectedly for Loudermilk. About a year and a half ago, he visited the establishment, Doman’s Bar & Grill, for a fish fry, enjoying the food and the ambiance. Little did he know, a casual thought during that visit would eventually lead him to become the proud owner of the property.

Former Doman’s restaurant

After spending 20 years in the corporate world, Loudermilk felt it was time for a change. “We were tired of working for somebody else’s dream,” he said. The initial plan was to buy a bar, but a conversation with his brother revealed Doman’s was up for sale.

The idea took root, and soon Loudermilk and Hufnagel found themselves leaving their high-paying jobs to venture into the restaurant business.

The property, nestled on 2.4 acres, includes a six-bedroom house. The restaurant dates to 1966 when it was a cozy spot just south of Gumm’s Corners. In 1969 Wayne and Jeanne Heidel took over and changed the name to Heidel’s Tavern and Restaurant.

The building featured “a lot of add ons,” according to Laudermilk who has a vision of bringing the establishment “back to its form glory” when people referenced a “supper club /Cheers” atmosphere.

“We’ve talked to people locally and they can barely remember a weekend there wasn’t a wedding here. The Heidel’s had catering and there’s a commercial kitchen in the basement. Eventually, we kind of see it becoming an event space, again, where people come and we provide all the food and entertainment.”

On a history note

As the transformation is underway there were a couple unique finds under the flooring. The artwork dates back to the Heidel family, when Wayne and Jeanne raised their girls Jennifer, Renee and Tricia in the home behind the restaurant.

Writing and drawings were found when carpet was removed in the bedrooms of the attached home. The artwork, dating to 1975, features the outline of a hopscotch pattern and a girl wearing bellbottom blue jeans adds some charm to the history of the establishment.

“The drawings are on the sub floor where one of the girls drew a picture of a little girl and she’s got bell bottoms on. We thought that was pretty neat,” said Laudermilk.

“Jennifer Heidel the great was in and sleeped in this bedroom (196901975) PS then I moved upstairs.”

Neighbors will remember the sudden death of Jennifer (Heidel) Semman who collapsed after a Green Bay Packer game January 20, 2008. At the time, Semman was principal at MacArthur Elementary School in Germantown.

There was also the unexpected discovery of hundreds of trophies dating to the 70s.

The name Cedar Jack’s holds personal significance. “Cedar” pays homage to Cedar Creek, while “Jack’s” is a tribute to Chris’s grandparents who raised him in Cedarburg. The name resonated with the local community and received the most votes from a list of options.


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