Holy Angels Students of the Month for March | By Mike Sternig


Olivia Klausmeier, Emily Rauch and Will Mueller

April 17, 2018 – West Bend, WI – Holy Angels Students of the Month for March include Olivia Klausmeier, Emily Rauch and Will Mueller.

6th Grade: Olivia Klausmeier – Olivia is a standout in the sixth grade. Not only is she very smart and organized, she has a great work ethic, and that combination definitely leads to success. Olivia’s strengths lie in a variety of areas. She is musical, a great reader, and curious about a great many things. She is not afraid of learning something new. Trying the guitar was one thing she looked forward to experiencing in junior high. She likes a challenge, enjoying STEM-related activities such as designing catapults and coding on the computer.






7th Grade: Emily Rauch – Emily is a reserved, sweet-natured, kind person whose friends enjoy her easy-going personality. Her teachers applaud her effort and attention to detail. She does well in all of her classes because of her willingness to work hard. Emily’s favorite subject is German, though her goal is to achieve a 4.0 for A’s in all her classes. When she isn’t in class, Emily works hard at her passion, ice skating. Emily helps out by serving at school Masses.






8th Grade: Will Mueller – Will is a student whose goal is getting straight A’s. It’s hard to imagine a better student. Academically, Will demonstrates excellence partly due to his wonderful study habits and willingness to ask questions. He is calm, dependable and likable. Will helps out by serving at Mass and is one of our safety patrol students. Will enjoys science and may end up studying engineering. Outside of school, he enjoys a variety of activities including basketball and biking.


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