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Huzzah! Huzzah! The return of Idle Hour or Two restaurant in West Bend, WI

May 16, 2022 – West Bend, WI – It was February 1, 2022 when Idle Hour or Two owner Greg Chmielewski, first broke his silence on the future of the popular hometown restaurant on Sixth Avenue in West Bend, WI.

“I suppose you could write we will be open during the Farmers’ Market,” he said.

That is all. No further questions were taken.

Greg Idle Hour

Now, Chmielewski offers more insight with a post on social media.

Starting this weekend, The Idle Hour will be open on Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. We will be serving breakfast all day and have a limited lunch menu. We have missed you. Come in and see us and enjoy this year’s market.

Let the celebration begin!

It was November 27, 2021 when the hometown restaurant at 214 N. Sixth Avenue, in West Bend shuttered its doors, much to the chagrin of regulars.

The Idle Hour or Two was a community favorite. A small, locally owned restaurant that offered a little slice of Mayberry.

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Cast iron

During the final days in business in November 2021 neighbors packed the establishment and with heavy hearts enjoyed a final bowl of noodle strudel or grown-up grilled cheese.

Idle hour

During the Farmers’ Market the Idle Hour would serve breakfast, including a much-loved toad in the hole. Chairs out front along the street would be warmed frequently as shoppers would stop to people watch or chat with Chmielewski about the hot topics of the day.

Idle Hour

The Farmers’ Market is slated to start Saturday, May 21, 2022.

This is a working story, and more information will be added when details are available.

Idle Hour

On a history note: Built in 1890, the Idle Hour was originally a stationary store.  In 1906, the Haebig family moved from Appleton and started renting the building for a tailor shop.  The Haebigs purchased the building in 1923 and added an addition as their business grew.  A second addition was added to the back of the building around 1930. Bob Haebig retired in 1996 and sold the building to Greg Chmielewski. 

Greg restored the two-bedroom upstairs apartment back to the original 1890 style and used the main floor as a work area.  In 2006 Greg and Edie started working full time on restoring the main floor and building the restaurant.  All the wood trim is either original or replicated out of mostly reclaimed materials to match the original trim that had been saved.  The tin ceiling and hardwood floors in the restaurant are original.  The line shaft and skylight were in the back room and moved forward to make room for the bathrooms.  The metal frame of the skylight is original and the wainscoting around the opening came from the dressing rooms of the tailor shop.

The Idle Hour opened in April of 2009 serving coffee, tea, wine and beer, all from Wisconsin.  The food menu was added in June of that year.  The menu has changed little since opening.  We prefer to do a limited menu and do it well.  All our soups are made from scratch.  We roast our own beef, pork, chicken and turkey.  We get our Wisconsin cheeses directly from the cheese makers.  All of our beers and wines come from Wisconsin from breweries and wineries that are owned by Wisconsin companies.

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