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Jackson Fire Chief retires; interim chief named

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Jackson Police Department
Nationally, 12 officers have been murdered by gunfire through March 4. This date in 2015; there was only one.
On Tuesday night, a 26-year-old woman beat her 19 -year-old sister on the face and then fled. Charges of battery and disorderly were filed against Rebecca Polster by the DA and a warrant is out for her arrest.
On Wednesday afternoon, an intoxicated 26-year-old man spun donuts and got his vehicle stuck on top of a gravel pile in Cranberry Creek. He was arrested for his first offense. At about the same time, a resident discovered that his home had been burglarized while the family was at work or school. This was one of several burglaries in Washington and Waukesha counties that occurred that day. There are common patterns to them and Detective Foeger is working with his counterparts at the other departments.
The new squad has been striped. Equipment installation is tentatively scheduled for early next week.
On Tuesday, switches and routers for our internal computer network are scheduled to be moved from beneath desks and re-routed to the small room where the server and fax machine are located.
I’ve been working with building inspection and a county agency regarding a resident who may be in need of services.
Fire Department
Monday night the JFD was requested by the Mequon FD for an ambulance Change of Quarters for a MABAS Box Alarm.
FF/EMT Huyser attended a conference Saturday and Sunday in Appleton and took a class through the National Fire Academy called “Training Operations in Small Departments.” Topics included leadership in training, legal issues, training needs assessment, financial management, marketing your training program, and course delivery/evaluation. A federal grant allowed the conference and meals to be provided free of charge to the participants.
From Chief John Skodinski:
It has been my pleasure working for the citizens of the Jackson area for the past 27 years. I will be retiring at the end of my shift today. I would like to thank the members of the various committees, commissions, and boards for supporting the Jackson FD over the years. Thank you to the Village Hall staff and the other departments of the Village for assisting the Jackson FD over the years. It made working here a lot easier.
Special thanks to Police Chief Jed Dolnick and his entire staff for being there when we needed them because “Working Together We Did Made A Difference.”
There are however no words to express my gratitude to the past and present members of the Jackson FD with whom I have worked alongside throughout the years. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication; and to the members of the Jackson FD; “Stay Safe.”
Joint Parks and Recreation
We are very busy working on the Spring/Summer Activity Guide.
Family Irish Dinner– Although there are no more dinner tickets available, anyone is welcome to come and listen to the music from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. this Saturday night at the JACC.
Thursday Jackson Festivals, Inc. met for Action in Jackson event planning. Next week the 2016 poster, parade form, and sponsor form will be on the following websites: and
Friday the Park & Rec staff discussed the 4k program progress, planning, staffing, and placement of our current programming for three to five year olds.
Kelly met with Ryan Rohlinger, the new Operations Manager for the Boys & Girls Club on Thursday.
The Seniors’ St. Patty’s Day lunch celebration is March 17th and will feature a performance by the popular “DeJa Vu Silly Sisters.”
Volunteers are still needed for: Easter Egg Stuffing on Wednesday, March 16th and for the Hunt on Saturday, March 19th. Call if you can help – (262) 677-9665.
Building Inspection
Jim received a notification from the Water Department of an unsafe living condition occurring in the Green Valley Manufactured Home Park. The resident has refused entry to date so the case was turned over the Washington County Department of Elderly Services. More to follow. . .
Catching up on Code Enforcement issues; letters were being sent out this week.
Public Works
The Jackson Water Utility is continues its work on Digger’s Hotline locates, radio installations, and meter changeouts; averaging four meter changeouts per day. The 2015 Consumer Confidence Report has been completed and is being reviewed for approval.
The Street & Parks Department conducted vehicle maintenance, broken trash container replacement, and building maintenance. Trees were being trimmed prior to Tuesday’s snowfall. The seat on the 1991 John Deere loader was reupholstered. It should now be good for another twenty-five years.
At the WWTP; the televising of sanitary sewer laterals continues during the meter changeout process. The crew has televised thirty-three laterals in the three week period since revising the program. The SCADA system kickoff meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 8th. The temporary digester boiler is being installed on March 18th so the boiler rehab project can begin Monday, March 21st.
The Wilshire Drive reconstruction plans and specs are being finalized for advertisement on March 8.
The Clerk’s office is busy preparing for the April 5 Presidential Primary.
Deanna attended the Wisconsin Municipal Clerk’s Association District 5 meeting on Thursday. Elections and the new WisVote System, Agendas and Minutes, and Alcohol Licensing were topics of discussion.
Village President Schwab and the Administrator met with the Village financial advisers on Tuesday.
Wednesday, Village Staff participated in EPL training at the Village Hall with David from CVMIC.
Wednesday evening the Police and Fire Commission swore in Duane Hafemeister as the newly appointed Interim Fire Chief. He has been a member of the department for over two decades. I am confident Duane will competently fill that role and that he will receive the support of all of the members of the JFD during the transition to a new full-time chief. There will be a ceremonial swearing-in for Duane at next Tuesday’s (March 8th) Village Board meeting at 7:30 p.m. at the Village Hall. We look forward to filling the full-time position as soon as reasonably practicable.
Thursday a well-attended retirement luncheon was held in honor of Fire Chief John Skodinski. For 27 years, 16 as Chief, John has effectively served the Jackson Fire Department, the Village of Jackson, and the surrounding are

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