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Kindness Retreat at Slinger Elementary School

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Feb. 8, 2017 – Slinger, WI – Twenty-two students from Slinger High School participated in a Kindness Retreat at Slinger Elementary School today. High school leaders and fourth graders learned about kindness and being heroes for each other.
 Youth Frontiers from Minnesota came and lead the day.

The group learned you may have to throw out kindness a few times before it comes back to you…..but keep on throwing it! Just like a boomerang… WILL come back to you. 
The groups did skits, small-group questions, dancing, and sharing of times where they may have not shown kindness and how they can remedy that in the future.
The Slinger Elementary School counselor, Dana Corey helped orchestrate the event.

Photos submitted by Becky Beimborn Cleary

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