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VIDEO | On the Rail Again | Leaving Florida headed for Union Station in Washington D.C. | By David Gehrke

January 18, 2023 – DeLand, FL – Local train aficionado David Gehrke of West Bend, WI is documenting his latest journey from Florida to Milwaukee, WI via Amtrak train. Gehrke’s adventure arrived right on time Tuesday afternoon in DeLand, FL. He punched his ticket at 2:40 p.m. and it was ALLLLLLL ABOARD as he made his way to a 7:25 a.m. stop at Union Station in Washington D.C.

Train is here. I am on. In my little office. We are on a roll.

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Beer is poured. Now kick back and watch the world go by.

Well, my suitcase coat hanger idea from my last trip works well again. This roommete even has a handy dandy fold down sink. Now that is cool.

So someone ask about the cabin l am in. Well the room has a footprint little bigger than a sheet of plywood. But it is laid out well with upper and lower beds. This room sleeps 2. It is a great bargain for 1. Video is hard to take with being small, but l think you get the idea. It is very cozy. Hallway is very narrow. Room is setup for day travel. I will post later when my car attended turns the bed for me.

Coming into Jacksonville. We have a very long train today. Two locomotives and 13 cars equal 60 axles on the detector. When we leave Jacksonville the entire train will be sold out.

In Jacksonville. Service stop to fuel locomotives and take on water for the cars and new crew. Sleeper l am on today is the Westfield River. The 62524 or the 8910 car on our train. Lucked out again to ride the newer fleet.

Wow these rooms even have set the mood blue lights. A comfortable night ahead with the sound of the rhythm of the rails putting me to sleep.

#98 making great progress. Only 4 min late. Soon we will be coming up to the site were the derailment happen last week with a car and freight train. Auto Train #52 is behind us. We will meet Auto Train #53 later. Even number trains run north. Odd numbers south.

This morning the train leaves Union Station at 10:59 a.m. on the Cardinal line, and it will be 24 hours before arriving at 10 a.m. in Chicago.

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