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Letter to the Editor | Vote Oscar Estrada Dist. 7 alderman in West Bend | By Oscar Estrada


March 30, 2020 – West Bend, WI – My name is Oscar Estrada, I am a native of Chicago and have lived here in West Bend, district 7 for the last 11 years. My wife and I have been married for 23 years and have two girls a 17-year-old attending DSHA and a 13-year-old attending West Bend West next year. Both girls attended St Frances Cabrini and we currently attend both St Frances Cabrini Parish and St. Mary’s Immaculate Conception Parish which is in District 7. I have recently become a member for the Knights of Columbus.

For the last 21 years I have been traveling around the world working with Billion dollars companies and private Equity firms to help grow their business by taking cost out through working capital and increase productivity without labor reduction. I received a Bachelor of Science in Business Operations back in October of 1996 and received two Master Black Belts in Lean/ Six Sigma, one in the automotive industry in 2001 and another in the Aerospace industry in 2006.

One of my top priorities is to be a voice for the residents of District 7, while campaigning and knocking on doors, I got to meet some amazing neighbors with great ideas. District 7 is bigger than ½ mile and has the opportunity to grow in so many areas like public safety, make repairs to the parks within the district which include Royal Oaks, Muenk Playlot, Sunset, and Barton, I would like to see these parks have open play areas that will attract people of all ages.

For example Barton Park has a diamond that is currently only used for teams to practice because it is in such poor condition. Why not repair it and open it up for small tournaments that the residents can enjoy. The same can be said about the tennis court in the same park, The Eisenbahn Trail that runs through our district should be paved instead of only having gravel. The roads need repairs throughout the whole district. Why not have more community activities that are inclusive to all residents in District 7.

Another priority is to offer support to the non-profit organizations such as Casa Guadalupe which is also based in District 7. I have already met with Casa Guadalupe’s Board of Directors to draft up a 3/5 year Strategy Deployment Plan to grow and continue to support the Washington County area. We are on hold due to the Coronavirus however will begin working on execution as soon as we are able.

If given the opportunity to be your next Alderman in District 7, I would give back to the City of West Bend and my community by focusing on what I do best worldwide but here at “home” (West Bend), drive results by being a hands on leader and promote resident involvement. I would like to implement a monthly Town Hall meeting for all residents of District 7 and use it as a platform to express their concerns, give them a voice and a vote in anything that involves our community. In my experience when people work together we drive results.

Let’s involve the residents to keep our community safe from crime, keep our parks and streets clean. Encourage them to shop local and help grow our businesses. On a City level I would promote unity and involvement from all other districts for the benefit of West Bend and those who travel to West Bend to do business with the local shops around this great city. I would offer my expertise and help the city of West Bend use some of the Lean / Six Sigma tools to help manage the budget and grow the City without raising taxes.

As a Certified Master Black Belt in two different industries (Automotive and Aerospace) I am responsible for the strategic deployment of Lean & Six Sigma within an organization. I would see it as my duty to help promote and support activities that will help grow the small businesses in my District in all areas of their organization with suppliers and customers. In addition, in my line of work you have to be able to relate to all people in any level of an organization. The same is true in our personal life we have to learn to work together and develop the “TRUST” factor, tell the resident the truth, respect them, understand them, be sincere, and provide Time. My plan is to use the same approach with the residents of District 7, the other 7 Alderman and new Mayor so that we can be the City of choice (improve our living standards, increase our business, involve all residents).

With my 29 years of experience in leadership across the world and dealing with cross functional team members at all levels of an organization through personal career growth and business growth by working with Suppliers, Union officials, employees at all levels, and directly with Customers to drive results as one team. My problem-solving skills allows me to pull Subject Matter Experts in different fields to drive to the root cause of any challenge we face and find a solution. I would offer my expertise to all business owners who would be interested and help them grow by bringing insight from 11 different industries and help reduce cost as well as improve their working capital. So, with potentially 5 new faces on the council this April 7th, I see fit for me to be the next West Bend District 7 Alderman to facilitate/drive change by uniting our Council and new Mayor for the future of the residents of West Bend. I would be the voice of the 1900 + voters in district 7. The focus would be not only for District 7 but also for the whole West Bend to be the City of choice to live, do business, enjoy sports and most importantly raise our kids in a safe environment within the amazing community that is made up of 8 great districts in West Bend.


I have trained/certified over 2,843 White, Yellow, Green, and Black Belts in 9 countries, 11 different industries and over 21 languages. I have been a member of 6 different Board of Directors, (currently in two) where the main objective is to drive results from a business perspective. I’m proud to say I have been part of bringing business back from China and Mexico to the USA.

Thank you,

Oscar Estrada

West Bend



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