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Letter to the Editor | Why I can’t vote for Biden | By Marie Graziano


July 19, 2020 – Richfield, WI = As I listen to the anti Trump hate, I wonder if anyone wants a President that will fight for the people.

I can’t and will not vote to have my rights taken away. Here are some of the reasons I will not vote for Biden:

– During Biden’s first term in the Senate, he actively fought integration of busing and schooling between black and white students. He has a long history of racial profiling.

-Joe Biden supports terrorist agendas to destroy our country.

– Joe Biden supports eliminating prison sentences for all nonviolent criminals (this would include nonviolent offenses like child sex trafficking).

– Joe Biden supports socialism rather than capitalism. He wants Government to be in charge of our lives.

-Joe Biden supports China which has and will continue to destroy American jobs.

-Joe Biden wants to defund our police, which will leave us with a country without Law & Order.  How safe will we be under his presidency?

-Joe Biden said he will raise our taxes and the middle class will suffer.

-Joe Biden in 2016 blackmailed the Ukrainian minster into firing a prosecutor and was proud of it.  Anyone want this type of President?

-For 8 years as Vice President, Joe Biden never did anything to improve the lives of black Americans.


To my fellow Wisconsin citizens – I’m begging you to do your homework before you vote.  Understand what your vote means to this country.  I’m voting for liberty, justice and a free country. Therefore I’m voting for Donald Trump for President.


Marie Graziano

Richfield, WI


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  1. Thanks for this letter!
    It’s an excellent piece on pointing out the many well known faults and prejudices of Joe’s (too long)career in government.
    Like many in his swamp(both left and right), they simply take up space! Many are like Joe- empty vessels with no morals!
    Hope many have read your letter and understand the consequences of what voting for Joe would be.

  2. Your article is echoed by millions. All Trump has to do on Sept. 29th is ask Joe to add a few numbers. His answers will be in the billion trillion thousand hundred billion trillion range. Nonsensical.

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