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PHOTO GALLERY | May is Military Recognition Month | By Jim Maersch

Washington Co., WI – The month of May is filled with holidays that honor the military. Military Appreciation Month was initially introduced by Senator John McCain with a resolution in 1999; the resolution was approved unanimously by a vote of 93-0.
The month of May pays tribute to everyone who has served in a branch of the U.S. military and reminds us that we owe many of our freedoms to the sacrifices made by military personnel.

S.Res.33 reads:

Whereas the freedom and security that United States citizens enjoy today are 
        results of the vigilant commitment of the United States Armed Forces in 
        preserving the freedom and security;
Whereas it is appropriate to promote national awareness of the sacrifices that 
        members of the United States Armed Forces have made in the past and 
        continue to make every day in order to support the Constitution and to 
        preserve the freedoms and liberties that enrich the Nation;
Whereas it is important to preserve and foster the honor and respect that the 
        United States Armed Forces deserve for vital service on behalf of the 
        United States;

Read the remainder of the resolution HERE.

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The City of West Bend recognizes the following military days in the month of May:
*Loyalty Day, Monday, May 1, 2023, when veterans visit local schools.
*Armed Forces Day, Saturday, June 24, 2023, when US flags are placed on gravesites at local cemeteries. Flags are also installed in the downtown area, Barton, and Veterans Plaza.
flag, armed forces
*Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, 2023, with a parade and program at Veterans Plaza.
Memorial Day
Every day the US military is putting lives on the line for each one of us in the United States. Take time to thank a vet, take part in veteran’s “care package” programs, or just sit and listen to a veteran. You can also fly a flag, write a letter or visit a VA Hospital.


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