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New Cedar Creek Estates subdivision proposed for Town of Polk

December 3, 2020 – Town of Polk, WI – The Town Board in the Town of Polk will meet December 15, 2020 to further discuss and possibly approve a subdivision proposal, Cedar Creek Estates, by Kevin and Amy Zimmer.

The couple, who own approximately 70 acres of property abutting the Peil farm, have a pending purchase contract on the adjacent 98 acres.

Cedar Creek Estates
Bottom of photo is Highway 60 and to the north is the Peil Farm

The Peil family said the farm is to be sold to the Zimmers who plan to develop the property into 32, 5 to 7-acre lots.

The Peil family grew up on the property bordered by Highway 60 to the south and County Highway C to the north.

The family house is still on the property and one of the seven siblings, also has a home adjoining the property. The Peil family had been looking for a buyer for the land the past few years.

Town of Polk

The Town Board is currently reviewing the proposal, along with town planner Jeffrey Sanders and the town engineer. At a meeting of the Town Board on Tuesday, December 1 zoning secretary Tracy Groth indicated there were “no comments or objections to the development from either the DNR or SEWRPC.”

“We knew development of the Peil family farm was inevitable at some point, but never thought it would happen this soon,” said Kevin Zimmer.  “Only after learning other interested parties intended on dividing the land into ‘literally hundreds’ of home sites annexed to the Village of Slinger, did we approach the Peil family.”

Jeff's Spirits on Main

“My wife Amy and I are passionate about protecting our investment in our community, as well as the interest of our neighbors,” Zimmer said. “We are not interested in looking out our windows to see a field of homes and multi-family dwellings.  The town of Polk is a place we need to preserve and we are determined to do so.”

The Village of Slinger is an approving agency that does have “extraterritorial plat review” according to Groth. “Some of the things the Village of Slinger will be looking at will be the land division ordinance, the town of Polk land division ordinance,” she said. “What they can’t do is review use of land; that is not part of plat review.”

A representative from the Village of Slinger indicated its “review was still underway.”

The town has 60 more days to review the plat proposal.


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