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Ozaukee Christian School 2nd grade students exceed expectations with lesson in generosity

Washington Co., WI – When Ozaukee Christian School second-grade teacher Leah Ott began a “classroom economy” back in the fall, she was unsure of what to expect.


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She started by developing “classroom money” and coming up with ways for those dollars to be earned.

“Second-grade students earned money as part of our classroom economy,” said Leah. “They had the opportunity to buy classroom rewards with their earnings.”

It was an engaging way to teach math skills, budgeting, and work ethic. But Leah found that there was another lesson she could teach using the classroom economy: generosity.
“They also were given the choice to give [their earnings] to others,” said Leah. “By the completion of the school year they had placed $54.74 in the ‘Give to Others’ jar collectively as a class.” Leah turned the “classroom money” into real money and asked the young students who should receive their earnings.

The students recalled a chapel service from back in March. Leah said, “When missionary Brandon Powell came and shared about the ministry that he and his family are doing in Thailand, it left a lasting impression on the students. They selected him to receive the ‘give to others’’ funds.”

Leah was happy to see her students unite in their decision and was touched by their generosity in giving away what they had worked so hard to earn throughout the school year.

“As their teacher, I’m so impressed by their heart for others and their willingness to be a blessing,” said Leah.

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