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Portion of Washington County Humane Society to be razed today

February 17, 2020 – A portion of the Washington County Humane Society will be leveled today. The demolition is scheduled to start around 8:30 a.m. A backhoe can be seen from Highway 60 as it rests in front of the building. The structure was supposed to be taken down on Friday, February 14 however frigid temps postponed the event.

demo of Washington County Humane Society

According to officials with the Humane Society the administrative hallway, offices and training room will be leveled.

The renovation is part of a $3.5 million project; it’s being conducted in phases and will eventually include a new intake ward and surgical suite, and a larger training, outreach and education facility.

Washington County Humane Society

Phase III will occur in 2021 and involve remodeling of the welcome area, courtyard and in 2022 there will be a final phase involving a redesign of the small animal adoption ward.

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