VIDEO | Are you able to take the Prudy Pick Hway challenge?

Washington Co., WI – United Way of Washington County has a number of incentives for its 2020 Campaign.  The 2020 Women in Business chairs are honoring one of their own with the Prudy Pick Hway Challenge.

The “challenge” of giving $2,500 honors Pick Hway’s legacy.

Prudy Pick Hway Challenge

It is a focus on individuals that have the ability to give at this leadership level and asking community members to stretch their giving this year during a time of vast need.

The Threshold United Way

“It was unanimous as the other four co-chairs wanted to recognize Prudy’s legacy and named this new leadership level in her honor,” said Kristin Brandner, executive director of the United Way of Washington County. “Prudy is a role model for giving and volunteering for decades and serves as an inspiration to the importance of giving, especially when it is needed the most.”

Prudy and John

The United Way of Washington County has a number of other incentives for the 2020 Campaign.  From the $1, $2, and $3 a week giveaways to leadership giving at $1,000 or more with a dollar-for-dollar match by West Bend Mutual Insurance.
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