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VIDEO | Wayward ram from Town of Erin finds home at Juggling Daisies

November 27, 2020 – Cedar Creek, WI – It was November 16, 2020 when the Washington County Sheriff was notified about a ram on the loose in the Town of Erin. The wooly animal was seen hoofing it in the 700 – 800 block of Emerald Road.

A couple days went by and the Washington County Humane Society took the animal until it was finally given a new home at the small farm, Juggling Daisies, with Amy and Kevin Zimmer in Cedar Creek.

ram, Amy Zimmer

“He is a mighty handsome boy,” said Amy during a rather exciting interview in the barnyard.  “We’ve named him Sir Connery for the late Sean Connery.”

Once the Zimmers stepped into the fenced yard the animals came running… like a stampede.

“We feed them cookies every Friday,” Amy said. “They’re just safe and happy.”

ram, Kevin Zimmer

Sir Connery took a couple days before warming up to his new setting. “We weren’t sure if he was intact or not so we had him in with the cows and he got very amorous with our male donkey,” said Amy.  “He then busted down a fence in a corral to get to some sheep but they were also males. He’s settled in now and is relaxed and friendly.”

The Zimmers have a good partnership with the Humane Society.

Amy identified the breed as a Jacob ram. “He has very good fleece and is warm and healthy,” she said.


Check out the daily live broadcasts at Juggling Daisies.

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