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Sarah’s Crusade for Corey – Returning to the Ice Age Trail | By Sarah Krebs

June 30, 2023 – Jackson, Wi – Lace up your running shoes because Sarah’s Crusade for Corey is on the road again.


After a brief pause to tend to some shin pain Sarah Krebs is launching a Plan B on her efforts to run over 1,500 miles and complete the Ice Age Trail.

Krebs took off early this morning with a goal of completing as much of the trail in the next five days.

“I’m going to head out to start a long weekend of running, starting from where I left off (564 miles in) and getting whatever I can get in by Tuesday,” said Krebs.
“Thank you so much to everyone for continuing to share our story and all your amazing support!”
Below is a story posted June 27, 2023
Ultra runner Sarah Krebs of Jackson, Wi set out June 3, 2023 on an adventure to run the 1,500-mile Ice Age Trail in an effort to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer; a disease that took the life of her friend Corey. Within a week shin pain threw a wrench into her effort and she hit pause. Below is an update on Sarah’s Crusade for Corey.

It was a week of Dr. and physical therapy appointments, and I was also able to get in for a MRI. There is no structural damage, which is excellent news.

I still had considerable swelling, so I was put on a med to help reduce the inflammation. Yesterday I tried running and successfully went 6 miles with no pain during my run.

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I went right to PT, and still had a considerable amount of pain with pressure so Ben Krebs and I decided not to push it just yet. We want to get all the swelling down and absolutely no pain, so once I get out there, I can push through.


Plan B-Z will all include completion of the trail run in some sort of fashion. It will require careful planning and consideration of our work and kids’ schedules. We really appreciate everyone who has reached out for an update.

Sorry in our delay for the response we just needed to get specific details so we could organize the next segment of chaos. Thank you also to my amazing coach for helping me adjust to not lose any fitness and continue to reduce swelling!

God has provided us a unique new style to finish this Crusade and we look forward to inviting more to join on this epic adventure and Ben’s ridiculous updates.

Please continue to share, pray, support, follow, etc this important cause & Crusade 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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