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Police in Village of Slinger, WI issue a Scam Alert | By Slinger Police Department

August 1, 2022 – Slinger, WI – A Village of Slinger employee received a call from someone claiming to be a sergeant with the “Slinger Village Police Department” and spoofed the Police Department’s phone number (262-644-6441) so it appeared on the employee’s caller ID.
Scam alert police
The scammer requested our employee confirm their name and date of birth and claimed they had an open account from Wells Fargo for $40,000. The scammer requested the employee go to Pick n’ Save and purchase gift cards and provide the pin numbers in order to pay the debt.


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Our employee came over to the PD to report this and received a call from the scammer which Lt. Cashin happily took. Once the scammer learned he was speaking with an actual employee of the Slinger Police Department he decided he was no longer interested in speaking with Lt. Cashin and hung up.
Please share this with your family and friends as this scam has been going on for quite some time. Unfortunately, they still find victims that are unaware of the scam.
No police department or any law enforcement agency (local/state/federal) will ever contact you and request you purchase gift cards in order to settle a debt of any kind.

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