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Seeds for 2023 planting season have arrived at Witte’s Vegetable Market LLC | By Tiffany Witte

Washington Co., Wi – Planting season at Witte’s Vegetable Market LLC on CTH NN about a half-mile east of CTH P, has already started as the first seed boxes have arrived. Bulky cardboard boxes were cumbersome to carry into the shop; it’s amazing they hold such delicate cargo that looks as small as the head of a pin but has so much inspiring potential.

Some may think this is early in the season, however, our greenhouse will be starting in just 4 short weeks.

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While we order from many different seed companies, I highly suggest Burpee or Johnny’s seed companies for the beginning or advanced gardener.

These companies sell quality-tested seed but in package sizes meant for the smaller grower.



Witte’s Vegetable Market LLC is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Vegetable farm focused on providing West Bend, Jackson, and our surrounding communities with the best and freshest vegetables and fruits.
The farm was started by Dad and Mom in 1992 with the purchase of 56 acres. Since then, we have acquired more land, built a few more buildings, and rebuilt the original building after a fire 2 years ago. We currently farm about 50 acres of vegetables with another 10 acres left for cover crops to rotate and maintain soil health.
The farm store is open from June through December. Every year we start with asparagus and end with items such as Brussel sprouts, winter squash, beets, potatoes, and carrots.

The main crop season for us is usually from the end of July through the end of September. During that time, you will find Pickles, Sweet Corn, Musk Melon, Watermelon, Tomatoes, Peppers, and about 20 other different vegetables.

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