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Short-term studies with big payout at Spaulding Clinical in West Bend | By Ashley Guell

West Bend, WI – Now is a great time for people to earn some extra income to use for their summer vacations.

Spaulding Clinical, 525 S. Silverbrood Dr. in West Bend, is offering studies that don’t require long commitments; one for 6 nights at up to $3000 and one for 10 nights at up to $4000. No outpatient visits for these studies.

Spaulding Clinical has many screening days and times available to be flexible with a volunteer’s busy schedule.

New and returning participants can give a call to find out more study details before needing to make any commitment.

Spaulding Mandelorian
Spaulding Mandelorian

Click HERE for details and click HERE to learn more!


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