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St. Frances Cabrini Forensic team with strong performance

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Congratulations to the St. Frances Cabrini Forensic team on their strong performances at Badger Middle School where approximately 900 students competed.

A large number of our team members won blue ribbons and powered in our first week of forensics.  Medal winners were:

1st Place:              Luke Hupfer and Charlie Danaher for Group Acting

                                Cheyanne Geydoshek and Kyra Price for Group Improvisation

                                Desirae Wollner, Isabelle Lutz and Brynn Bauer for Special Events

                                Brittany Peters for Prose

2nd Place:             Megan Landvatter and John Roeber for Group Interpretation

Carolyn Lang, Zoe Koepp, Alyssa Clark and Lauren Cybell for Group Interpretation

                                Geoffrey Guerra for Poetry

3rd Place:             Travis Wiesner for Storytelling

Congratulations to the students, coaches and parents.  Good Luck at your next meet!

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