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VIDEO | Identifying the source of the night-time screeching

August 1, 2020 – West Bend, WI – Posed a question earlier this week about night-time screeching.  Listen in… aside from the chirp of the crickets can you identify that sound in the distance?

Turns out it was an Eastern Screech-owl.

According to All About Birds from Cornell University:

  • the owls are about the size of a pint glass
  • Eastern Screech-owls are normally monogamous and mate for life
  • the owls feast on songbirds, but they will also eat their siblings if food is scarce

Here are a couple photos from the 2017 family that landed in my tree on Sixth Avenue. These pics are like the circle word search… only with owls. Click HERE for a better photo of the Eastern screech-owl.

owl in back yard

Eastern screech owl in backyard


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