VIDEO | Hartford Union High School Robotics team advances to World Competition


April 4, 2019 – Hartford, WI – The Hartford Union High School Robotics team 1091, Oriole Assault, won its first ever Robotics Regional since the team’s inception in 2003.

On Wednesday before leaving for competition in La Crosse the team made a pitch for support as it gears up for World Competition in Detroit.


Team 1091 Oriole Assault is the community’s robotics team and it will be representing the Hartford area at Championships on April 24.

Students at Hartford Union High School bring the enthusiasm, desire to work in a STEM/ Business/ Arts field. They show a passion to grow as leaders and community-minded members of society; this is what first Robotics is all about.







Team 1091 parents and students and mentors, are working to resolve logistics (schedules and other responsibilities like AP classes, homework and jobs!). The Business Team is coordinating funding efforts, the technical team is working out electronics and other programming issues, and the mechanical engineering side is working on adjusting side panels to better protect sensitive inner workings.

The Hartford team thinks it can go to Championships as long as an additional $15,000 funding comes in over the next short few weeks before April 24.

Sponsors are recognized on the robot and the pit booth, as well as team apparel.

Anyone wishing to sponsor the team as it moves towards Championships, may direct donations to the HUHS Robotics, c/o Bill Pfund, HUHS. ([email protected])

Sponsor donations are tax deductible.

Thank you to all who currently and may in the future, support your HUHS FRC Robotics Team 1091, Oriole Assault.

For those who don’t understand how Robotics is anything except a team of geeks and nerds with computers and programs….. Invite us to come speak for you.

We’re happy to explain and we invite you to join us on our innovation adventures.

Click HERE to help Hartford Union High School Robotics Team 1091.


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