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Neumann Developments partners with Wisconsin Lutheran College to promote construction project in Village of Jackson

Milwaukee, WI – An interesting partnership as marketing students at Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) in Milwaukee worked with Neumann Developments on a project to help promote home construction in the Village of Jackson, WI.

Jason Van Acker is the instructor in the college-level marketing course. He said the students had to find a company and come up with a plan.

“The thought process would be to work with the client, understand their needs, get to know their business and then make recommendations,” said Van Acker. “What we’re really hoping for is the students to get some real-world application.  It’s just a different way of offering a business education that we’re really blessed to be able to do here at WLC.”
The students presented their findings in a thorough 20-minute presentation. They crafted a PowerPoint to outline the basics of the company, target audience, pros and cons of their marketing intentions, cost basis, and some graphic advertisement designs.
“In the last two years they’ve actually had two groundbreakings in new neighborhoods, one in Beaver Dam and was in Saukville,” said student Nathan Benish. “Neumann Developments has also added a basement renovation company to its business.”
Staff from Neumann Developments attended the class presentation and praised the students’ grasp of their company and the design concept.
“Neumann Developments was an incredible client,” said Van Acker. “They gave up their time to basically walk through this idea of here’s what our business is, here’s the problem we’re looking to solve, and they were willing to answer questions spending time with students outside of class.”
Full disclosure, WLC alum Matt Neumann is the owner of the company the students worked with. Van Acker said that cooperation is part of the fabric of education at the school.
“As an alum myself I can tell you Warriors help Warriors,” he said. “I’m not surprised to hear there’s a connection between the owner of that organization and our students because frankly we see it all the time from our graduates.
“The part that’s really interesting is the willingness for any business owner, much less an alum, to go through and say we’ve got another generation of marketing professionals that are coming down the line let me share some of that knowledge, let me give some opportunity and give some expertise again that goes beyond the textbook. As an instructor as an educator that’s what’s important to me.”
Find more information about Maple Fields and the new development in the Village of Jackson, WI by clicking HERE.

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