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VIDEO | Prepping for spring planting at Witte’s Vegetable Market in West Bend, WI

West Bend, WI – The seeds and potting soil are in at Witte’s Vegetable Market in West Bend, WI, and owner Gus Witte and his team are ready to jump into the spring 2024 planting season.

A quick run to Milwaukee to pick up greenhouse supplies and Gus Witte, owner of Witte’s Vegetable Market in West Bend, Wi, is moving bags of potting soil and planting is for the 2024 farming season is underway.

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Prepping for spring planting

“Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is usually always a start for onions and leeks because they take the longest to grow; we don’t even start harvesting them until the end of July,” said Witte.

With the hum of a skid steer growling in the distance, Witte unloaded his trailer moving bags of potting soil into the warm greenhouse.

“The greenhouse keeps temperature nice and warm so when I do plant the seeds it’s not the outside temperature it’s the inside of the greenhouse which I like to keep it between 60 and 70°,” Witte said.

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The seeds Witte brought back from winter storage. “They all come in these nice little sealed packets, and we open them up and dump them out and shake off the excess and away we go,” he said.

witte collageWitte has the eye of a farmer and while many have been enjoying warmer spring temps in the 40’s, he said “no frost” has made a lot of their farm “pretty muddy.”


“It’s a sloppy working environment; ripping up grass everywhere so hopefully the warmth hasn’t tricked too much of the winter stuff into thinking Spring’s coming around the corner,” he said.



Every year Witte’s Vegetable Market opens the middle of May around Mother’s Day when asparagus comes in.

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