Washington Co. weekly update by Joshua Schoemann

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Washington County

Washington County

  • Fiscal Future – Next week, the County Board will have an opportunity to participate in a presentation reviewing the County’s financial outlook, future priority investments along with  the debut of our fiscal health tool.  The presentation is happening in a rapid fire format from the County’s budget team in order to provide some brief exposure to a number issues and policy questions setting the stage for the 2017 recommended budget and work that will transpire in 2018 and beyond.  This presentation will also be given to Department Heads and recorded for the County’s Facebook page later next week. 


  • 2017 Budget – We continue to work toward balancing the 2017 budget.  While much depends on the direction of Executive Committee in the coming weeks, we are currently looking at a $3.2 million gap between revenues and expenses for those budgets which were submitted by departments through committees. Nonetheless, we have strategies to bring that gap down to a more manageable number and look forward to bringing a balanced budget to Executive Committee at their meeting on October 6 at 7 a.m.


  • Communications Strategy Development – Despite a good deal of progress in this area over the past two and a half years, continued and consistent communication across an organization of 850 employees, a County Board of 26 Supervisors, 19 Department Heads, 20 municipalities and 135,000 citizens remains a challenge. To continue improving in this area we are working on the development of a more tailored approach in 2017 to help us prioritize our communication and emphasize the identification of emerging issues and dissemination of policy decisions.  


  • Employee Town Hall Meetings – The next employee Town Hall meetings are currently being scheduled for this fall.  This serves as an opportunity for employees to get the latest information about significant countywide topics. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!


  • STH 60 Reliever Route/WTKM Discussion –  This morning I had an excellent discussion on 104.9 FM, WTKM with Tom Hostad of Hartford Area Development Corporation regarding the history and next steps of this important project.   As I stated in the interview, the next steps for this project are adoption of the new route and approval of ~$100,000 for preliminary engineering.  These approvals will accomplish two important steps: 1) route adoption will allow us to amend the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan, 2) preliminary engineering will provide us the data necessary to have fact/data based decision making rather than the emotional based speculation that is currently driving discussions.  If and when these two steps are approved, then we can decide if/how to fund the project, if/when we should hold a referendum, etc. 


  • TAP Grant – The Planning and Parks Department was awarded a Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) Grant from WisDOT for the development of a Bike & Pedestrian Plan.  It was 1 of 33 projects and $15 million of TAP funding for the 2016-2020 program cycle.  This is an exciting opportunity to help advance our priority to provide “Effective Mobility and Reliable Infrastructure” via an interconnected system of safe trails and paths! Great job to Deb Sielski and our entire Team responsible for securing this revenue for the County! 


  • State of the County – This week’s presentation was at the Village of Slinger. Next week I will be at the Town of Germantown and the Town of Farmington.


  • 9/11 Events – There are several ceremonies happening around the County this weekend.  Information on the event in Hartford and Kewaskum is attached for your reference. I will be keynoting the Hartford event, and look forward to this unique opportunity to remember our fallen and honor our living! There is also a ceremony Sunday morning in Germantown.  Please take the opportunity sometime this weekend to remember those lost 15 years ago.




  • Kimberly McIntyre – ADRC
  • Abbie Wobig – Sheriff’s Department
  • Samantha Nirschl – Sheriff’s Department
  • Angela Rosio – Sheriff’s Department
  • Samantha Gonnering – Human Services Department

Moving On…

  • Larry Williams, Sheriff’s Department – Retiring
  • Roxanne Rindt, Child Support – Retiring


  • Christine Ehrlich, Senior Social Worker – Human Services Department

Active Recruitments

  • Resource Specialist – ADRC
  • CNA,  Dietary Aide, RN/LPN – Samaritan
  • Economic Support Specialist, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric Social Worker, Secretary/Receptionist – Human Services Department 
  • Communications Officer – Sheriff’s Department

CONGRATULATIONS to the following employees for their years of service at the County!!

5 Years

Karen Kroening – County Clerk

15 Years

Anna Schneider – Samaritan Health Center

Brenda Anderson – Human Services Department

20 Years

Barbara Britton-Lynch – Human Services Department


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