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Washington County Sheriff issues statement on mask enforcement

July 31, 2020 – Washington Co., WI – From the Office of the Sheriff:

Fellow citizens,

Today, Governor Evers issued Executive Order #82 declaring a state of emergency under emergency management statues. Emergency order #1 was subsequently issued requiring face coverings in certain situations.

I encourage everyone to make their own medical choices based upon what you believe is best for you and your family, but also carefully balance the sensitivity of others. Wearing a mask can make others feel more comfortable around you, and potentially reduce the spread of COVID-19. I encourage all individuals to be sensitive to one another and wear a mask where they deem appropriate.

Prior to the effective date of the order, individual business owners have the freedom to require masks of anyone that patronize that business. Consumers also have the option to shop elsewhere.

Washington County Executive Josh Schoemann may have expressed it best when he said, “Wear a mask out of love for your neighbor.” I could not agree more. This mandate is an overreach of government that is contrary to the oath of office I made to each and every one of you. There are at least 20 exemptions to wearing masks and I am not prepared to have deputies detain law abiding citizens in an effort to determine if citizens fit into one of the subjective exemptions.

Masks are not a police matter unless concealing your identity to commit a crime. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office handles approximately 35K-40K calls for service annually. I believe citizens have the expectation that your sheriff’s office should expend resources providing a safe and secure community by investigating real criminal acts.

I am not able to speak on behalf of other municipal police agencies in Washington County, but your sheriff’s office will not be enforcing a governmental mandate of what you wear.

Sheriff Schulteis


  1. Sheriff Martin Schulteis ,

    Thank you for standing up for the residents of Washington County and for the Constitution in which we both pledged our oath. I hope other Sheriff’s have the courage and will to do as you have done to come against this overreach of power. Thank you and God bless you and keep all of your dept safe.
    Bobbie & Karen Minor

  2. Also, this is gross dereliction of duty by the Sheriff, as his job is to protect and serve. There is currently no single other action more critical to protecting and serving ALL residents than enforcing mask wearing. Without enforcement, vulnerable people can not go to school, can not go to work, and can not safely conduct essential activities. If right to life is so important to Republicans, why does not having to wear a mask temporarily under a statewide and national Pandemic emergency take precedence over the right to live, not die from COVID-19? Where is the humanity? Where is the common sense?

    • Covid-19 is not a death sentence for every person who gets it. It has over a 99% recovery rate.
      You ask where the humanity is, and the common sense? What about the right to choose as well?

    • If masks are SO protective and safe then the ‘vulnerable’ people should wear them and be fully protected. Why does everyone need to wear them??? If a mask can stop the virus from going out of a person’s mask then it should also stop the virus from entering a mask.

    • Because you’re submitting yourself to falsehoods of a hoax. Where are we at, 6-7 million cases? A typical flu season is 30+ million, so this new virus isn’t a pandemic. The global deaths aren’t even at 1 million, but a normal year of Tuberculosis is over 1.5 million, so again this isn’t a pandemic. In fact, studies are showing up to 50% of Americans already had the presence of the necessary T-cells to fight it before it started, and the remaining majority fight it off like any other cold or flu. Once again, this proves it isn’t a pandemic.

      Do you know anyone that actually died from this as the true cause of death, and not the insane new way they’re changing the rules to say it was the reason? People are trying to label this as highly dangerous, but only because the data is being bastardized. The CDC and AMA have tainted the classification guidelines we normally use for cause of death in two ways specific only to this new virus. Dr’s Birx and Fauci have both publicly admitted it, and yet try to defend the new system, even though it artificially inflates the number of related deaths.

      If a patient exhibits a cough and a fever, or any other two typical cold or flu symptoms, while dying from a gunshot wound, they’re being instructed to list it as a Covid-19 death. Are you serious? If you demonstrate any two symptoms of a typical cold, and then die from anything else without even having a positive viral test, the doctors are told to list it as a Covid-19 death! First of all, this is insane, and should be grounds for malpractice. Secondly, that means the true number of deaths is way lower than the CDC and fake news are reporting.

      Now imagine this: 50 people are trapped in a burning building. All of the people are stressed out, and two of them die from heart attacks from the stress of the situation. The rest die of typical smoke inhalation. Would it be correct to say that all 50 died from being stressed out and had heart attacks? That isn’t the truth, is it? In fact, only two people died from being stressed out enough to have heart attacks. The rest died from smoke inhalation. But this is what we’re doing when we say 50 people dying of something like liver cancer died from Covid-19 simply because they coincidentally demonstrated typical cold or flu symptoms; only 2 died from it in this example. 48 died from liver cancer. Again, this virus is not a pandemic.

      Then we move onto people with positive test results, but their deaths are still improperly being related to Covid-19. For instance, when a person dying of liver cancer contracts any common cold that added an extra element to their death, that person’s C.O.D is listed as something along the lines of a heart attack caused by liver failure linked to the liver cancer with the cold as a side condition. But! With this new strain of all the existing coronaviruses, which should still be considered a side condition like it normally would be, it instead is unethically being listed as the primary cause; even though the person truly died of liver cancer. The CDC supports this terrifying practice.

      We’ve been duped into thinking it’s a super virus with extremely deadly results…. That’s a lie conjured up by tainting the way the death numbers are tabulated…. It is very normal for colds and flus to be minor contributing elements to the deaths of people, and the typical death rate of loss of life where colds, flus, pneumonias, etc are present are right in line with every other year. It’s only being taken out of context and misreported this time, because certain news channels, political parties, and corporations have figured out that they can benefit from the lies about the virus. For an analogous example, look at how Biden’s campaign had done next to nothing to quell the riots and murders of police until they realized it isn’t helping their poll numbers the way they expected it would. After the fact, they’re now onboard because it benefits them politically. They’re also going to great lengths to force the wearing of masks, because it’s again helping their poll numbers, not because they care about your health.

      Anyhow, it’s much less common for a flu or cold to truly be the primary or single C.O.D. This is consistent with this new virus. There are only about 9,000 cases where this is the actual C.O.D., and that’s from CDC data. That’s less than 10% of what the fake news is telling you. That number is so small when you appropriately compare it to other ways people die. It isn’t even worth mentioning as a notable cause. We’re destroying lives, families, businesses over a non-event. These lies are fanning the flames of hate, riots, and destruction. The increase of suicides and homicides instigated by the depression and anger caused by the misreporting of this virus is a bigger number than deaths it directly caused.

      The deaths truly related to this new virus are very small compared to any real pandemic. I blame the slanted media for misconstruing facts, democrats for being evil opportunists, the CDC for bowing to the marxists, and people like you that believe in the lies without research and for propogating this horrifying madness. Your belief in, and the spread of, fake news is the true pandemic.

  3. Shouldn’t matter in the slightest if a LAW ENFORCEMENT officer supports the law or not. Their job is to enforce the law, whatever it may be; not to make arbitrary decisions on which laws they agree with enforcing.

    • Tom Jones, You say it’s LAW enforcement officers job to enforce the law. EXACTLY! This is a mask mandate, not mask law!
      You want officers to respond to calls that people aren’t wearing masks. Which could keep them busy throughout the day. So when a real victim needs help, they’ll have to wait… when every minute counts!!! You tell that to a rape victim,domestic violence victim, or a parent of a kidnapped child!!!!!!

  4. If you are afraid wear a mask. But it is not loving to force someone to bend to your will. The issue here is freedom. Thank you Sheriff Schulteis.

  5. Thank You Sheriff Schulteis. I agree with you that this mandate is an overreach of government. Also, your points regarding the difficulty of trying to enforce this order are also valid. Thanks again.

  6. Thank you, Sheriff Schulteis!!
    I am grateful we have law enforcement people obeying the constitution (the supreme law of the land)!!!
    God Bless!!

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