West Bend and Kewaskum tagged with graffiti


September 7, 2020 – West Bend, WI – Police in West Bend said they were aware of multiple instances of graffiti on S. Main Street.

West Bend graffiti

Someone with red and blue spray paint tagged a number of businesses including the Decorah Shopping Center, the old Shopko and Kohl’s Department Store.

West Bend graffiti

Police said the business owners will be contacted. Once notified the business owner would have 72 hours to clean up the graffiti.

Graffiti at Kohls

Police are expected to visit businesses along S. Main Street to see if there is any surveillance video. More details are expected to be released when information becomes available.

Aside from West Bend, the bridge on Fond du Lac Avenue just south of Highway 28 west was also tagged. There’s no confirmation on whether the tagging incidents are related.

Kewaskum graffiti

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  1. All these areas are well lit so hopefully there are witnesses and video from the surveillance cameras.
    WHEN these punks are caught they should have to scrub these areas clean!

  2. This Graffiti is not good and who ever did it should be made to clean it up and be punished severely. Im guessing it could be protestors or gang activity.

  3. Since early summer, these selfish, senseless punks have defaced the bridges and signs along our treasured Eisenbaum trail with spray paint.

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