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12 Days of Christmas | By Megan Himm

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Jan. 12, 2019 – Jackson, WI – Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School wrapped up another year of its annual program, 12 Days of Christmas.

During the month of December, students participated in activities to raise funds for three families.

Dollar amounts

This year, $20,338 was raised with $8,346 coming from students.

Each of families, the Ertle’s, Handrow’s, and Lauersdorfs received a portion of the money, as well as gift cards.

All three families expressed thankfulness for their love and support, and were amazed at how overwhelming the service truly was. Liz Handrow commented towards the end of the service, “We want to thank everyone for their kindness, their love, their prayers and support for Avery.”


Service during KML's fundraiser

Pastor Randy Hughes led the touching presentation of the money and was assisted by student council members, Katharine Molkentin, Molly Krajcik, Amy Deibert, and Cooper Knoll. “It is so meaningful to be a part of this service. Being on stage, instead of just watching makes it so much more important. To be up close, and to see the expressions on their face when they receive the money, it is incredible,” Katharine Molkentine (left) commented after the service.

Student council members during the fundraiser

Photos courtesy Rebecca Meyer.

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