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Analysis from Owen Robinson on Neitzke

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10492138_10153516083932879_2947987059566110111_n posted earlier this evening the story about the resignation of West Bend School Superintendent Ted Neitzke.

Columnist Owen Robinson of West Bend shared the post and offered this insight at about how the resignation makes the April 5 school board election that much more important.

First, congrats to Ted Neitzke. This is a big opportunity for him. As you can see, he is heavily involved in West Bend and I assume he will resign from most, if not all, of those other positions too. He will be missed by the district and by the community of West Bend. He has a lot to be proud of for his 12 years working for the West Bend school district.

Second, this makes the school board election on April 5th all that much more important. The school board will have to choose Neitzke’s replacement. The choice they make will set the direction of the district for years. Do they choose a reformer who will make radical changes? If so, what changes? Do they choose someone, perhaps from the current staff, who will keep things moving on the current trajectory? Do they choose someone who is tight with the teachers and the union? Do they choose someone who will be aggressive in budgeting?

It’s a big choice. I hope the school board candidates begin formulating an idea of the kind of person they would like to see replace Neitzke so that the voters can take it into account.


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Side note – Owen Robinson is a local blogger who publishes Around the Bend every Saturday.

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