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Bells of Hope – A Peal to Solidarity | By Brad Fons

April 19, 2020 – Jackson, WI – New Hope United Church of Christ in Jackson, WI will begin ringing its church bells at 7 p.m. every Sunday to symbolize solidarity with the Jackson community as we all face the struggle with Covid-19 crisis.


New Hope Church of Christ in Jackson

We hope these Bells of Hope will encourage neighbors, in their homes, to take time to share silent Prayers/Thoughts of Solidarity with all the helpers at the front lines of this crisis and to all the businesses and individuals affected by these trying times.

Each Sunday night, the bells will be rung 7 times in a silent call to community prayer/thoughts

New Hope United Church of Christ at 4360 Jackson Drive, Jackson WI.

Church bells throughout history have been used in many different ways. They were used for emergencies (fires and mining disasters), for celebrations (weddings, special religious days, national celebrations) and calls to prayer and worship (Sunday worship, Catholic Noon Angelus).

Bells have been used to bring people together in solidarity regardless of religious affiliation. We’ve had fire and police departments go through neighborhoods recently to inspire neighbors and yet almost every church has bells that could do the same thing throughout Washington County.

We may all be in the same storm of Covid-19 but we may not be in the same boat.

We hope we can give everyone within the sound of our Bells of Hope the intentional opportunity to be in solidarity with all the helpers, family members, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, first responders, medical personal that are in the same struggle with Covid-19 storm but in different boats.

We have reached out to other churches in West Bend to join us in this weekly celebration of unity and healing.

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