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Bomb threat at Hartford Central Middle School

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On Monday, April 11, 2016, at approximately 4:52pm, Hartford Officers responded to the Central Middle
School, located at 1100 Cedar St., to investigate a note containing a bomb threat for a future date that
had been left in a pass through window at the school office. The note was not immediately discovered
by the school staff.
Subsequent investigation revealed that a group of students had been captured on video leaving the
building that afternoon at approximately 3:30PM. As the group left the lobby one of the students could
be seen placing the note in the window.


With the assistance of school administration the students, including the individual placing the note in the window, were identified and brought in for questioning.

At the time of this release a 13-year-old juvenile has been taken into custody. The subject admitted to
writing the note, and told officers that there were never any explosive devices in the school.


student informed the officers that they were fully aware that the note would cause fear and create a
panic, and stated that it had been their intention to cause a “big deal” so the school would have to close
the following day.
Three other students have also been interviewed regarding this matter. Any potential involvement on
their part remains under investigation at this time.
The school facility was searched by Hartford Officers and Hartford Joint 1 staff. No suspicious devices
were found. The suspect’s residence was also searched by officers with no evidence of any explosives
being discovered. Out of an abundance of caution, additional security measures will be in effect on April
12, 2016.
This investigation has revealed no evidence that the suspect ever actually possessed any explosive
devices or their components in this incident. Additionally, no evidence has been discovered that anyone
at the Central Middle School had ever actually been in imminent danger from this threat.
On April 1, 2016, 2015 Act 311 became law creating State Statute 947.019 Terrorist Threats, a Class I
Felony. Intentionally making a bomb threat is a criminal violation of that statute.
It should be noted that all suspects enjoy the presumption of innocence. All charges must be proven in
a court of law.

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