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Did you know Allenton Fire Department is all volunteer?

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On July 20, 1907 residents of Allenton signed the agreement which started the Allenton Volunteer Fire Department.

Today, the Department provides fire and emergency medical services to Allenton and the Town of Addison.

The Department also responds to emergency calls in the Town of West Bend and Wayne located in Washington County and the Town of Herman in Dodge County.

The Department has 45 active members and about half are Emergency Medical Technicians. Again, all these services have been activated by all volunteer members.


Lieutenant Doug Williams, 32, said, “We all have our regular job, there are no certain hours, we have training every Tuesday. Our department provides services such as firefighting, hazardous material response, BLS emergency medical service, search and rescue, and many others.”


Williams also mentioned October 9 – 15 is Fire Prevention Week.


He gave some tips for fire prevention:

  • Check the battery in smoke detectors
  • Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen
  • Do not place anything on the stove that is burnable
  • Do not overload circuits
  • Find two ways out of a home and practice fire drills with your family


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