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“History” To Play Big Part In New Cedar Creek Venue

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Plans are moving forward quickly to open a new restaurant with a unique flair in Cedar Creek.

Word spread quickly Sunday about a restaurant deal in Cedar Creek.

Business partners Travis Dowden and Ben Anderson are working with building owners Amy and Kevin Zimmer to bring something exciting and new to Washington County.

Anderson told WashingtonCountyInsider.com in an exclusive interview, “Unfortunately, we were unable to come to terms to foster a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with Sobelman’s. We wish nothing but the best for Dave and team in the future. With that said, we’re incredibly excited to still be opening a restaurant with a different concept in the historic Cedar Creek location and will be releasing details in the coming weeks.”

Washington County Insider contacted Kevin Zimmer who said, “I’m happy and excited for Ben and Travis.”

On a history note, the building in Cedar Creek dates to  when the Bibinger family ran a hotel.

schwaisArchives at the Washington County Historical Society Research Center show the building dated to the 1800s and was normally home to a saloon, dance hall, and/or hotel. Some of the early names associated with the property include the Bibinger family (1846), A.B. Mueller Hotel and Sample Room (early 1920s), Albert Heidtke (who built a slaughterhouse) and previous owner Peter Gruehl (some spelled it Gruel) who then sold to Joe Schwai Sr.

Three generations of Schwai’s had owned the property since 1941. There was the Schwai’s Country Store Tavern & Hall along with funerals, fish fries, St. Patrick’s Day blasts, and tiddlywinks tournaments.

bibinger hx


Bibinger family members from Texas visiting the old Schwai’s/ Bibinger’s in October of 2015.


Family related to the Bibinger’s visited the Zimmers last year and took a tour of the building. (see photo)






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