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Horse whisperer at the Washington Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

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Oct. 18, 2016 – West Bend, WI. – Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy uses his animal magnitude to help corral a couple horses on adventure in the Town of Erin. The Sheriff’s posting is below: “Don’t catch your horse, let your horse catch you.”


Ok, so we have been accused of being a bunch of cowboys. This time there may actually be just a bit of merit to those allegations. The Sheriff’s Office responded to the area of Heather Lane in the Town of Erin Friday morning (10/14) at about 7 a.m. for a report of two rogue horses terrorizing the local green grass in the neighborhood.

The actual report from the deputy reads, “After building rapport with one of the horses, I was able to secure it with a dog leash.” Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

The other horse was apparently not as easily charmed with the deputy’s magnetic personality. That horse would not be allowed to be taken into protective custody. The report goes on to further read, “I was assisted by the caller who maintained a visual on the delinquent horse as it pranced around the adjoining properties.”


Eventually deputies were able to make contact with the owner who was “fury”ious with the horses; those of you who understand that pun date yourself….

The owner responded and safely escorted them both home. No citations were issued as this has not been a reoccurring problem with the animals.



Photos courtesy the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.






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