Insurance salesman identified as man knocking on doors in Town of Addison


Dec. 8, 2017 – Washington Co., WI – The Washington County Sheriff’s Department has been receiving daily calls about a sales person working door-to-door within the county.

The Sheriff’s Department has verified the person as legitimate. There are many claims within social media stating he has been entering people’s homes without permission.

The Sheriff’s Office have received no such calls with these specific claims, but continue to get calls from citizens concerned he is a predator looking to victimize the community.

On November 28, the Sheriff’s Office began receiving calls of a suspicious person going door-to-door in the Town of Addison, wanting to talk to people about cancer. The individual drives a red Jeep Grand Cherokee. Citizens reported to the Sheriff’s Office that the suspect was “jiggling” their door handles.

The Sheriff’s Office has been able to identify the person as a sales person with Family Heritage Insurance.

Family Heritage is a verified insurance company that sells supplemental insurance for cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

The sales person is licensed in the State of Wisconsin to sell insurance.

The Town of Addison does not require permits for soliciting.

At this point, the Sheriff’s Office is aware of multiple claims on social media that the sales person has been entering homes without permission, but has not substantiated any claims he has entered anyone’s home without permission.

If there are individuals who have information to the contrary, please contact the Washington County Sheriff at 262-335-4420.

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