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Kwik Trip rolls out the welcome mat to West Bend

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img_5236Oct. 27, 2016 – West Bend, WI -There was a line forming outside the new Kwik Trip in West Bend on Thursday morning. The Goeden boys from Kewaskum were in line specifically for the Kwik Trip chocolate milk and others were eagerly awaiting the donuts.

At 5 a.m. sharp the store manager in a lime-green fluorescent vest opened the door with a hardy “Welcome to Kwik Trip!”

Within minutes the store was operating in full gear as neighbors came to get their morning Karuba coffee, breakfast sandwiches and just checkout the latest business to come to the community.


Evan Lang, 5, of West Bend was one of the first through the door. “We were going on an adventure this morning and wanted to be the first ones in,” said Evan’s mom. “We love Kwik Trip so I woke him up early.”

Evan whispered that he was “here for the donuts.”

Evan made a beeline for the glass-display case filled with a vista of donuts.  Evan is in 5K at Mrs. Gross’s class at Decorah Elementary.


Store manager Leanne Rivera said, “People are just super happy we’re here.”


Opening day gas prices at Kwik Trip are competitive with the surrounding area at $2.11 for a gallon of regular unleaded and $2.45 for premium.


The Kwik Trip on Silverbrook Drive is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


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