Local attorney tagged with her 5th OWI

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West Bend attorney and former Waukesha County Court Commissioner Sallie Rubenzer appeared before Washington County Judge James Pouros on Monday.

Rubenzer is facing a felony OWI charge for her 5th OWI after she was pulled over by West Bend police on Thursday, May 5 at 7:53 p.m.


The police report showed Rubenzer was stopped in the 1400 block of W. Washington Street.  A citizen reported an impaired driver leaving an area business.


Officers stopped the vehicle a short time later as it entered the driveway of the registered owner’s residence.


A 56-year-old female driver was extremely intoxicated, and very uncooperative with the officer. The woman was arrested for OWI – 5th Offense and placed in jail.


In court today Rubenzer appeared with attorney Mark David Bensen.


According to court records: Def given complaint, advised of charges, penalties and rights, and probable cause found. State request $1,000cash bond, defendant makes statements. Court orders $2,000 cash bond.


Preliminary hearing time limits waived. Adjourned for position on preliminary hearing.

Rubenzer’s case history dates to 1997 when she was convicted of disorderly conduct in Waukesha County. Following that incident she was forced to resign as Waukesha County Court Commissioner.


She pleaded guilty in Washington County Court  to her second OWI in December 1998.


Her third OWI was in December 2003 in Ozaukee County Court where Rubenzer pleaded guilty/ no contest.


Her fourth OWI was in August 2006 where she pleaded guilty/no contest. Court records show Rubenzer was sentenced to eight-months in jail and her driver’s licenses was revoked for 33 months.


In 2008, Rubenzer was publicly reprimanded by the state Supreme Court’s Office of Lawyer Regulation for failing to report her fourth OWI conviction.


Aside from the felony OWI, Rubenzer is also facing one count of refusing to take test for intoxication after arrest.


Rubenzer’s next court date has yet to be determined although the case will likely be moved to another county as judges from Washington County have recused themselves.

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