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Mayor Sadownikow decision on running again

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Deputy Mayor Sawyer Lichtensteiger, 12, was grilling West Bend Mayor Kraig Sadownikow on some of the requirements of elected office on Thursday.


Lichtensteiger got to sit in as Deputy Mayor for a day as part of an item that was bid on at the St. Francis Cabrini auction.


During a meeting in the mayor’s office Lichtensteiger asked Sadownikow how much money he made as mayor  (averages about $8 an hour), what he did in his real life (runs a construction management company), and what his favorite part of the job is (getting a genuine ‘thank you’)


“The mayor is a 3-year term in office,” said Sadownikow. “In April 2017 I would have completed my sixth year in office.”


Lichtensteiger asked Sadownikow if he would run again to which the mayor replied, “If you’re 18 would you vote for me?”


Sadownikow said, “It’s very likely I will be running again.”


To which Lichtensteiger replied, “I’d be able to run against you in six years.”


Sadownikow said, “I’ll watch out for you.”

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