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New signs for Pick ‘n Save in West Bend as Meijer opens just down the street

May 17, 2017 – West Bend, WI – A rather interesting scenario of events on Tuesday as the new Meijer store opened on S. Main Street in West Bend. There was quite a bit of fanfare with a ribbon cutting and donations to the West Bend School District and the West Bend Parks Department. Click HERE to watch a rebroadcast of the opening-day ceremony.

While that was going on there was some activity to the north as Pick ‘n Save put up its new signage.

The Kroger Co. took over Roundy’s last year and the two stores in West Bend are undergoing a major remodel.

The sign change is part of the process along with revamping the interior.

Neighbors have noticed the floral department has been moved to the front of the store near the produce. There’s new shelving and signage and a brighter look to the entrance of the store, new self check machines at the checkout and the pharmacy area and facade for the liquor department have been revamped.

On the corner of Main and Paradise Drive the signs to the right seem to indicate ‘out with the old and in with the new.’

How do you like the new look at Pick ‘n Save?

What did you think of Meijer? There’s a grand opening, by the way, at Meijer on Thursday.


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