Packing for Washington D.C. By Libby Willkomm

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Jan. 17, 2017 – West Bend, WI – Packing, one might think, would not take very long for someone who has been planning their outfits for nine months. But now the time is here and there are some critical decisions to be made.

I am a delegate of Citizen Washington Focus-Presidential Inauguration, leaving January 17, and here is an inside look at my suitcase.  

The wardrobe ranges from some good-to-get-dirty jeans to high heels and a dress.  “Why?,” well, this fantastic opportunity has many varying activities in store.  

Some work gloves and grass-stained jeans are packed, so I am well-prepared for our community-service activity.

The Wisconsin delegation will get to participate in some brush clearing.  

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve got business casual and dressy clothes.  

The business casual is for our seminars and guest speakers to learn more about government, leadership, citizenship, and more.  

Similarly, the more formal wear is for our dinner dance and cruise on the Potomac River following the Inauguration.  

Although I have a jam-packed suitcase, I know I have so much to look forward to on this one-in-a-lifetime experience!

**Stay tuned to as we bring your reports direct from Washington D.C. and the 58th presidential inauguration. Members of Washington County 4-H will be filing stories throughout the week. They depart Tuesday, Jan. 17. 



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