Public hearing on Town of Hartford sewer extensions expected for March 26 | By Steve Volkert

Feb. 17, 2019 – Hartford, WI – The public hearing regarding deferred special assessments for those in the Town of Hartford being served by the expansion of the sewer mains is tentatively scheduled for the second City Council meeting in March.

Bids are starting to come in on these two projects which will expand sewer service along Lee Road west to Hwy 83 and north on 83. The second project is near there extending sewer through the Hillcrest subdivision.

Prior to that meeting, individual letters will be sent out to the property owners which will be served by these extensions letting them know what their share of the deferred special assessment would be. As these are deferred costs, only those that choose to hook up to the City sewer will be charged these fees at that time of connection.

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