Rezoning property at Highway 33 and Valley Drive

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There’s going to be a public hearing at Tuesday’s West Bend Plan Commission meeting involving a request to rezone approximately 11.2 acres west and east of Valley Avenue on the south side of W. Washington St.




The property is currently zoned B-3 Neighborhood Business, B-6 Office Park, RM-4 Multi-Family Residential, and temporary Districts.


A change is being requested to change it to B-4 General Business & Warehousing District.


The rezoning request is being made by property owner Steve Kearns and Audrey Bohn.


If you take a look at the surrounding property use and businesses with the car dealerships, gas station and body shop a change to B-4 zoning would make sense.


According to city code: The B-4 General Business and Warehousing District is intended to provide for the orderly grouping at appropriate locations of intensive commercial activities of a more general service, retail and wholesale nature. The size and location of such districts shall be based upon logical relationships to other compatible uses. (1) PERMITTED USES. (Am. Ord. #2http://–11/16/92). Wholesale, service and/or retail sales and warehousing of the following:


Some of the businesses listed include Air conditioning, refrigerated equipment and supplies not including outdoor storage, animal veterinary clinic, automotive sales lots and showrooms, upholstery repair shops, or printing and publishing houses.


Tuesday’s meeting gets underway at 6 p.m.


There’s also going to be a request for a site plan to build a new 3,840-square-foot commercial multi-tenant building on Wildwood Road, just south of Stein’s Garden & Home. State Farm agent Mike Sacotte is the one behind the project.


There’s also going to be a site plan for the placement of an art sculpture near the Police Department entrance, 350 Vine Street.

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