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Special Mother’s Day at Hillcrest Farms in Allenton

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May 12, 2017 – Allenton, WI – A triplet set of Meridian heifer calves were born Thursday to one of the oldest cows at Hillcrest Farms in Allenton.

“We were anticipating twins but we didn’t know there were triplet heifer calves in there,” said Shannon Dwyer. “It’s pretty rare to have triplets but it’s even more rare to have females. Normally when you have multiple births one is a female and another is a male; it’s just extremely rare.”

Dwyer works the farm with her parents Tom and Mary Dwyer. It’s the original homestead of her grandparents Harold and Margie Seyfert who started the farm in the early 1950s.

Dwyer said all the calves were born unassisted. Each calf weighed about 65 pounds at birth. “Each one is healthy and very spunky,” she said.

While the girls are doing fine, Dwyer said the 6-year-old mama cow is actually doing great.

“This is a pretty stressful experience for her,” said Dwyer. “This cow is amazing. She looks great, is in great condition and she had enough milk to feed all three calves and then some so she’s really impressed us.”

Preparing for the births Dwyer said the vet came out to check the pregnancies. “We make note of anyone who has a multiple birth,” she said. “We’ll give them more time off from the milking herd.

“We gave her some extra attention last night; she had been through a lot. We already had her checked out so we’ll continue to give her special care.”

Just a day ahead of Mother’s Day weekend, the calves are settling in and Mary Dwyer has already welcomed them into the family.

“My mom named the girls Billy Jo, Bobbi Jo, and Betty Jo,” said Shannon Dwyer.

One odds maker said the chances of having triplet heifer calves is about 1 in 400,000.


Photos courtesy Shannon Dwyer.


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