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Spirit Ride event tomorrow; public asked to participate | By Ron Naab

July 5, 2017 – West Bend, WI – On Thursday, July 6Bob’s Main Street Auto in a West Bend will host a very special event to honor and remember those that have given their lives serving others on our highways.

Bob’s has teamed up with American Towman to enhance the Slow Down/Move Over law when drivers approach emergency vehicles, vehicle tow trucks and highway maintenance crews working on our roadways.

Every week there are reports that one of these workers is hit and injuried or worse, killed.

A few years back Dan Bobholtz was killed on I-41 near the WI-33 Interchange along with a Fond du Lac County Highway Department was killed on the highway.

Law Enforcement, firefighters, EMS, towing operators and highway workers confirm that every time they are on a road there is the danger of being hit.

The Spirit Ride program started June 1, 2017 in Massachusetts and is on a route to cover 48 of the lower United States.

Bob’s Main Street Auto urges emergency responders, highway department employees and towing operators to attend this very unique ceremony at 10 a.m. on Thursday morning at West Bend Elevator at County Road D and US Hwy 45.  There will be guest speakers to honor those that have died and to raise awareness.

The convoy will leave with the casket around 10:45 a.m. from West Bend Elevator.

The route will be from West Bend Elevator 3434 County Road D, then to MPTC on North Main Street in West Bend, then south to W. Washington Street. The convoy will then head west to USH-45 and travel north on USH-45 to C.R. D, then west on “D” to I-41. The convoy will then proceed to Oshkosh.

The general public is asked to take time to line the route with flags and honor those that have died serving others and increase the awareness of the “Slow Down/Move Over Law.”


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