The mighty tiger lily challenge is underway


August 1, 2017 – West Bend, WI – The tiger lily challenge appears underway in Washington County.

On July 24, Jeanne Goeden of Kewaskum submitted a photo of her 7-foot tiger lily.   Goeden said “this year it’s higher and has more flowers on it.” She said her gardening secret was rain water and west sun light. “That’s it,” she said.  “It’s soooo beautiful.”

Now Gail Carlson, who lives on Michigan Avenue in West Bend, said she too has a giant tiger lily. “It is at my back door to the right. I never planted it there and yet it comes back every year bigger and better,” she said.

“No special gardening tips…  it just loves it’s spot for many years.”



Not to be outdone, Dawn Bartell also has a rather mighty pink tiger lily in her yard.

If your summer plants have grown to abominable size… please feel free to share a photo and your gardening secret.


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